Debtors in Chapter 13 bankruptcy are required to make timely payments as prescribed by their Chapter 13 Plans and/or Court orders confirming their Plans. If you are not sure when your payments are due or the amounts, contact our office or your attorney as soon as possible.

Please make your checks payable to Sally J. Zeman, Trustee. Mail your payments to P.O. Box 1169, Denver, CO 80201. We accept checks, money orders, and certified bank checks. We do not accept cash payments. We accept payments by mail or over the counter at our office.

It is your responsibility to keep your personal information with us up to date. If you have moved, contact our office to receive a change of address form.
While there is no law against a person filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy without an attorney ("pro se"), it is in the debtor's best interest to obtain the services of a bankruptcy attorney when filing a case.  Most of the fees required by an attorney for filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are usually paid through the plan (over 3-5 years, the usual length of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy) and the monthly payments (and the total to be paid over the period of the plan) are not affected by the presence or absence of attorney fees (i.e. you'll usually end up paying the same amount of money into your Chapter 13 whether you have to pay attorney fees or not but you'll save yourself A LOT of trouble if you get a lawyer).

The Trustee's office does not report anything to or has any contact with credit reporting agencies.  Your bankruptcy may appear on your credit reports for years after it has been discharged.  It is vitally important to keep and save ALL your documents, especially the discharge order and the final report from our office.


Change of Address form (to be filed with the Court)

Domestic Support Obligations Certification (to be filed with the Court)

Domestic Support Obligation Information Form (to be submitted to the Trustee)

Application for Payroll Deduction (to be submitted to the Trustee if you wish for a Court order for your employer to deduct your Trustee payments)